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Located in Lebanon, Wood & Wood is an engineering/manufacturing company that delivers quality wood products to both the Lebanese and overseas markets. Among its services is designing and manufacturing all sorts of wood projects from architectural woodwork to various furnishing jobs.

Due to its systematic approach and fine workmanship, Wood & Wood has gained the confidence of contractors, architects, and designers. At Wood & Wood, we recognize the demands of today’s construction world, from on-time delivery to high quality products, from engineered solutions to customer-oriented service.

Extensive experience in working with wood conserved with the ISO 9001 certification, guarantees efficient implementation and manufacturing of designs.

At Wood & Wood, we take a hands-on approach to quality control. Through every phase, from design to manufacturing, and from purchasing to commissioning, the company maintains total control on the quality and ensures adherence to international standards guaranteeing the delivery of a high quality end product.

At our company’s facilities, we supervise the entire process development of a project, controlling all the tiny details contributing to the final product. With a proven performance record, Wood & Wood is already catering to overseas markets in Europe, North America and the Middle East.

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